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The Top 5 Books for CCNA Certification

If you’re trying to get your CCNA certification, you should probably review some CCNA books so you can study for the test. We’ve compiled a list of the top five CCNA exam study guides to assist you in becoming more knowledgeable in the subject areas covered on the test.

Library for CCNA preparation (640-801)

One of the top CCNA books for the exam, this book is approved by Cisco and serves as a study guide. Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Parts 1 and 2 are two fundamental tutorials for the CCNA exam preparation found in this library. Simple networks, Ethernet LANs, wireless LANs, LAN/WAN connections, and proper network environment management are the main topics of Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1. Expanded knowledge of the Part 1 concept is provided in Part 2 of Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, along with knowledge of router and switch output concepts.

Study Guide for Cisco Certified Network Associate (640-802)

Another well-liked CCNA exam study guide that is frequently recommended by CCNA certified experts. This book, written by Todd Lammle, is a well-liked study guide for people taking the CCNA exam because it includes comprehensive practise questions. This library contains four comprehensive CCNA practise tests in addition to all the crucial Cisco network device concepts.

Practice Library for the Cisco CCNA Exam Flash Cards (640-607)

More than 350 CCNA exam practise questions based on actual business scenarios are available in this CCNA exam preparation library. A CCNA question bank with 500 CCNA practise questions is also available for you to use in assessing your knowledge of the CCNA’s subject areas. These CCNA exam flashcards are excellent for studying for an exam the day before.

CCNA Certification Exam Study Guide (640-607)

Participants have given the third edition of The CCNA Exam Certification Guide excellent reviews for being a well-organized CCNA exam preparation book. The internetworking capabilities of each layer of the OSI reference model are covered in this CCNA exam study guide, along with the functionality of the Cisco IOS® software and the TCP/IP and IPX protocols, the segmentation of networks using routers, switches, and bridges, and the use and configuration of Catalyst switches, STP, and VLANs.

CCNA Practice Exams (640-607)

For the CCNA Exams 640-607 and 640-801, this Cisco Certified Network Associate Practical Studies book is helpful. You can practise networking lab scenarios using this CCNA book. CCNA Practical Studies is a thorough manual with more than 500 pages of lessons and information on the CCNA exam syllabus. It offers insights on remote access-based lab environments.