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Top MBA Career Paths and Employment Opportunities in 2022

Because they receive all-around development while attending a business school, MB students are a highly desirable candidate for employers looking for individuals with strong leadership and business acumen to fuel future growth.

It can be a little overwhelming for students to select their ideal role because there are so many possible career options after receiving an MBA. Additionally, knowing what you want to do after MB can also influence your decision regarding business school and MB specialisation. The most sought-after MBA positions in India are listed below as a service to you.

Students interested in pursuing a career in investment banking typically focus on finance. Being an investment banker is one of the best career choices after MB. The position is very important, not just in terms of financial and professional development but also in terms of the impact you have on the global business community.

Venture capital, private equity, and investment management
Being a part of the finance sector is very lucrative. Apart from investment banking, MBA graduates can work in sectors like:

  • Private equity, where they oversee investments in private businesses
  • Venture capital, where they assist in finding and funding high-potential start-ups
  • Investment management, where they oversee portfolios made up of various financial assets.

Organizational Consulting
Management consulting is one of the most sought-after jobs for graduates in India, along with financial positions. Companies frequently encounter a roadblock and look to outside expertise to improve one or more aspects of their operations, which is where consulting firms enter the picture.

Consulting firms evaluate the situation objectively and formulate the best strategy to overcome obstacles and spur further growth. Some consulting firms can be large and provide services for all aspects of a business, while others specialise in certain areas, such as strategy consulting, operations consulting, technology consulting, sales and marketing consulting, or human resources consulting.

Although marketing has always been one of a business’s most important components, its significance has only increased in recent years as competition has grown more intense and brands are looking for new and different ways to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Marketing managers conduct market research, analyse competition, and study consumer behaviour to develop an effective marketing strategy that will raise brand awareness, attract new customers, keep existing ones, and ultimately increase revenue. Marketing managers frequently participate in decisions relating to pricing, sales channels, and products.

Program and Project Management
Project managers oversee the entire implementation of a project, including developing an execution strategy, establishing project goals, establishing KPIs, allocating resources, meeting budgetary requirements, and hitting deadlines. Program managers work at a level above project managers and oversee numerous independent projects needed to develop a more comprehensive strategic vision for their company.

Business Develoрment
Managers of business development aid in a company’s expansion. They accomplish this by acquiring new clients, entering upcoming markets, forming partnerships, or discovering new sales channels. You must possess excellent leadership and relationship management skills in addition to having both commercial and operational acumen.

Human Resource Management
Human resource managers are in charge of the work force, which is the most vital component of any business. They include the acquisition of talent and the hiring process, training and career development programmes, compensation and benefits, company culture, workplace policies and litigation, employee grievances, and industrial relations.

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