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What is the role of a DevOps Engineer? Salary of a DevOps Engineer in 2022 for India, the US, and other regions

Companies that use traditional software development experience a disconnect between the product teams, operations teams, IT teams, and software developers. Using DevOps, this gap can be filled. DevOps “brings developers into contact with day-to-day operation of their software,” according to Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon. Additionally, it puts them in regular contact with the client. The functions and duties of an engineer are also covered by this definition.

The ideal DevOps Engineer possesses a blend of soft and hard skills that enables them to get past obstacles that arise during the code release process between software development and operations teams. This leads to a smoother and more effective release, which is a key factor in the DevOps Engineer salary ranking as one of the highest among all job salaries worldwide.

The Tasks of a DevOps Engineer

You must be wondering what a DevOps Engineer actually does given the enormous demand for DevOps Engineer job roles. The pay for DevOps engineers and perhaps the qualifications for specialised roles can vary from company to company. DevOps Engineer roles, however, generally place a strong emphasis on the need for both technical and soft skills. Coding skills take care of the “Dev” portion of DevOps. But you need to possess the Ops skills listed below, which represent the DevOps mindset, in order to be a highly effective Engineer:

  • understanding and using a variety of technologies and tools for software development
  • able to handle more frequent testing and deployments
  • operating knowledge of a production environment
  • IT system knowledge, production environment familiarity, and data management expertise
  • commitment to achieving business goals
  • the capacity to recognise and remove organisational silos by promoting teamwork and communication
  • Efficiency is needed, and using automation tools can help with that
  • Reengineering processes knowledge
  • abilities in project management

With the aid of these abilities, you will be able to reduce product creation complexity, speed up deployment, and ensure greater integration success across various platforms and operating systems.

Building strong working relationships among the development teams, internal stakeholders, and clients requires the development of soft skills. On the other hand, the ability to put the final product together requires technical expertise. To perform the duties of an engineer effectively, you need the following technical abilities:

1. A working knowledge of Linux
The majority of DevOps projects run on Linux. Linux is also used by the nodes of configuration management tools like Ansible and Puppet. Knowing the Linux environment and pertinent scripting languages like Python, Pearl, or Ruby is crucial.

2. Understanding of the technologies and tools used in each DevOps process.
Here are a few frequently used tools:

  • Constant supervision (Puppet, Chef, and Ansible)
  • Permanent integration (Travis CI, Jenkins, and Bamboo)
  • Ongoing testing (Test Complete, Docker, and Tricentis Tosca)
  • Ongoing observation (Nagios, Sensu, and Splunk)

3. Be familiar with the CI/CD Process
The use of DevOps tools alone is insufficient. Additionally, you should be aware of when and where to use the DevOps tools and technologies.

4. IAC expertise
Recognize how the infrastructure as code (IAC) model is used to address deployment issues.

Salary for DevOps Depending on Company, Country, and Experience

The pay for engineers is quite good, but it varies by company, location, and level of experience. For instance, the pay for a junior DevOps Engineer will be significantly lower than that of an entry-level DevOps position.

DevOps Engineer Salary: According to data from Glassdoor.com based on location and country, engineers in the US make an average of USD 105,107 per year. The average varies, though, depending on where you work. For instance, engineers earning over $130K a year in San Francisco are professionals. Engineers in New York typically make around $105K annually.

DevOps Payscale: According to Organization
It goes without saying that there is a high demand for DevOps engineers. However, there are a few well-known companies that pay engineers handsome salaries. For instance, according to Glassdoor, these are the annual salaries for DevOps Engineers in a small sample of US-based businesses. The range is fairly narrow, and the pay is generous even though not every company can match an AWS DevOps Engineer salary.