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What Jobs and Salary Can I Expect in 2022 With the PMP® Certification?

If they decide to pursue certification, many aspiring project managers wonder, “Can I get a job with the PMP® Certification?, and if I do, what will the PMP salary look like?” It makes sense to consider whether or not the certification is a worthwhile step before investing the time and money required. In order to understand where the PMP certification might take you, let’s look at some numbers and statistics.
Without a doubt, PMP certification is valuable. A certified PMP can anticipate a pay raise of 20%, according to PMI statistics. Other project managers have also acknowledged the significant return on investment offered by this certification.

Compared to non-certified project managers, PMP certified project managers are paid 20% more.
Only 58% of businesses fully appreciate the benefits of project management. This gives you and your project management skills a tonne of room to work.
In 2018, 68 percent of organisations, or more than two thirds, reported using contract or outsourced project managers, according to PMI’s annual survey. This indicates that businesses are actively seeking qualified project management specialists to join them.
According to a survey of 26,000 project managers that was conducted in over 34 countries and included a total of 17 lakh project managers, PMP salaries in India can range from INR 17 lakh to INR 12 lakh annually. Well, these PMP salary figures by themselves make getting a PMP® certification worthwhile.

The Competitive Edge of PMP®

More people are enrolling in certification programmes to distinguish themselves from their peers who lack certification by adding significant value to their resumes and providing evidence of their dedication. Both candidates and recruiters consider certifications to be a huge plus on a resume.
The PMI report lists a number of reasons why the PMP certification should continue to be recognised. The average base salary for someone with a PMP credential who has held it for five to ten years is $113,000. With ten or more years of certification, a PMP credential holder typically makes around $120,000 annually.

The PMP® is not only the most prestigious certification in project management, but also one of the best certifications to obtain in general. It is understandable why so many professionals aspire to become PMP®s when you consider the statistics. The high salary remains the main incentive for pursuing a PMP® certification.
What else can you accomplish with a PMP® certification? In these intensely competitive markets, can it ensure employment? Here’s how to get that PMP salary you’ve been wanting!

When applying for a job in the project management sector, a PMP® certification can undoubtedly make a difference because of the constantly expanding job market, exclusive skill set, and stellar reputation. Hours are spent by employers sifting through resumes in search of the ideal applicant. It’s critical to distinguish yourself from your peers and rivals.