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AWS as a Career

AWS Careers: Why AWS is a good career choice?

There are between six to 12 times more job postings available than there are job seekers, in public cloud market and 60 percent of these job postings are AWS-related. In a discussion, Employers in the United States, say that it’s quite a challenge finding professionals with cloud computing skills in general.
Why AWS?

AWS is the Leading Public Cloud Platform

AWS is a leading platform when it comes to public cloud computing. Statistics state that AWS holds about 33 percent of the market segment, which is almost as much as the next two leading providers combined (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) hold. AWS market’s share shows enormous growth signs.

AWS is the Fastest-Growing Public Cloud

AWS is the first public cloud service that comes to market in 2006, due to which AWS had a seven- year headstart over its competition. AWS has taken maximum advantage of this lead and has been the fastest-growing public cloud service ever since. It continues to show tremendous growth, such as 39 percent growth in its third-quarter in 2021.

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that gives on-demand cloud computing web services on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. AWS is world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, which offered more than 175 fully-featured services from data centers all around the world.

AWS clients including developing start-ups, largest companies and even government organizations are using AWS to bring down their costs, to become more agile and to do projects quicker.

AWS shares in the market

Amazon’s sales grew gradually, beating even their own expectations, AWS has been a large contributor to this growth. AWS income made up 11% of all the Amazon sales for the quarter. Amazon reported Amazon Web Services income of $9.95 billion for Q4 2019, contrasted with $7.4 billion for Q4 2018. AWS income increased more than 30% in the quarter, compared with a year sooner.

AWS Certifications

AWS careers and certifications are basically categorised into four types, including Foundational, Associate, Professional and Specialty. There are a total of nine certifications that come under these four categories, as follows:

AWS Foundational Level Certification

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner – Foundational

AWS Associate Level Certifications

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate

AWS Professional Level Certifications

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional

AWS Speciality Certifications

  • Advanced Networking – Speciality
  • Security – Speciality
  • Data Analytics – Speciality
Benefits of opting career on AWS cloud

There are a lot of benefits, if you opted for a career on the AWS cloud, Some of them are listed here:

Increased Credibility

If you have a certification in AWS, it will increase your cloud services knowledge and improve your credibility, More credentials will lead to more opportunities for you.

Higher Pay

AWS is the highest paying certification list in the US. Higher pay comes with a high skill set. It means you will have more chances to get highly paid if you have certification in AWS.

Demand in Market

If you have an AWS certification, you will earn a great deal of demand in the IT market and new opportunities will be brought to you and will increase your chances of getting employed.

More Job Opportunities

It will bring you a lot of job opportunities in AWS-related projects, if you are an AWS certified professional or a fresher.

Total Tech-Enthusiast

If you are AWS certified, it showcases that you accomplish it as a result of the interest and devotion to the field. It also demonstrates that you have a great enthusiasm about your subject and you can learn more.

Enhance your career with AWS Certification

If you are a cloud computing expert, AWS certification training can help you to grow your career. You will get a lot more opportunities with the skills that you will learn. A reputable AWS course will help you to boost your employability, increase your salary and will open more doors for new opportunities in IT world.

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